Free guestbooks for all. The best free guestbooks
Free guestbooks for all. The best free guestbooks

Guestbook templates

On this page you can find standard templates for different guestbook elements. Templates for different guestbook elements are distinguishing feature of our guestbook service. It means that you can assemble design from templates for different guestbook elements.

You can use different templates, from which you can assemble different designs. Certainly from such amount of designs you'll find your desirable. But even if you don't like any of those designs, you can create your own user templates.

If you click template name, you'll see demonstration of this template.

Main page templatesMessages templatesInput form templatesStyle sheet templates
std_book_1std_rect_2   std_white_1
  std_rect_3   std_business_1
  std_strip_1   std_darkblue_1
  std_simple_1   std_blackred_1

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