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Email: jawnfrg
Ron and Valerie Taylor filmed the footage of real sharks in the waters of Australia , a small player in a tiny cage to create the illusion that the sharks were huge. During the filming of Taylor, a real great white attacked the ship and the empty cage, and they achieved stunning images that Spielberg wanted to incorporate into the film. The problem was that there was no one inside the cage at the time of the shooting and as the novel was Hooper who was inside trying to kill the shark, so that the script had to be modified: Hooper had escaped cage, which already might include actual footage of the attack. As noted by the executive producer Bill Gilmore, "The Australian Shark rewrote the script and saved the Dreyfuss character".
Although the shooting was planned that lasted 55 days, was not completed until October 6, 1974, 159 days after the start. Spielberg, reflecting on the long running, said: "I thought my career as a filmmaker was finished. I heard rumors   ... that would never work because no one had ever made ​​a film for more than 100 days ". Spielberg himself was not present when they filmed the final scene of the film, exploding shark, because he thought the team was planning to throw it into the water when the scene had ended. Since then, it has become a tradition that the director is not present at the filming of the final scenes of his films. Later scenes were filmed underwater in a tank of water from the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in Culver City , where specialists Dick Warlock and Frank James Sparks replaced Dreyfuss at the scene of the attack to the cage, and other outlets near Santa Catalina Island   (California)   . The Orca boat was transported to Los Angeles for the sound effects team could record tracks for both the boat and for the underwater scenes. The film editor Verna Fields, who had completed a rough cut of the first two thirds of the film before shark hunting, finished all installation and relaborу ​​some scenes. According Zanuck, "She actually intervened and reworked some scenes that Spielberg had built with comic tone to make them more terrifying, and other horrific scenes he filmed and turned into comic".
After the screenings of the film prior to general release two scenes were altered. Because the shouts of the spectators had kept hearing the phrase "need a bigger boat" uttered Scheider, lengthened the scene print their reaction after the appearance of shark and increased the volume of the sentence. Spielberg also decided he wanted "more a cry," and returned to film the underwater scene in which Hooper discovers the corpse of Ben Gardner. It had to put 3000 USD out of pocket because Universal refused to pay the new film. This scene was filmed underwater in the pool from the publisher Fields in Encino, California, using a model of latex of Craig Kingsbury's head attached to a mannequin that was placed in the hull of the sunken ship.
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Email: jawnfrg
Shark Filming began on May 2, 1974 on the island Martha's Vineyard , Massachusetts, site selected after being shuffled the possibility of filming in Long Island   . Brown explained that the production "needed a vacation area lower middle class to look like shark attacks could destroy their tourism business". Martha's Vineyard was also chosen because the surrounding ocean has a sandy seabed that fails beyond the eleven meters to twelve miles from the coast, helping to more easily operate the propeller-driven mechanical shark. Because Spielberg wanted to shoot underwater scenes to mimic what people see as nothing in the sea, cinematographer Bill Butler had to devise new equipment to allow filming at sea and under water, including a water platform to keep the camera steady and oblivious to the tides and submersible waterproof case. Spielberg asked the art department to avoid red both on stage and in the clothing of the characters, so that the blood of the shark attacks were the only red element on the screen and thus cause a greater impact on viewers.
The fishing village of Menemsha , Martha's Vineyard, was the main filming location.
For the film is built three replicas of sharks operated full- tire -called "Bruce" by the team in honor of Spielberg's lawyer, Bruce Raimer-: a shark belly sleigh water without being dragged by a cable a hundred yards and two sharks on platform, one that moved from left to right of the chamber on its side opposite the light had numerous pneumatic tubes, and another exactly the same but in reverse. The art director Joe Alves sharks designed in late 1973 and they were built between November this year and April 1974 at Rolly Harper's Motion Picture & Equipment Rental in Sun Valley, California   . Its creation involved a team of about forty effects technicians supervised by renowned specialist mechanical effects Bob Mattey , best known as the creator of the giant squid that appears in the 1954 film Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea   . Once completed, the sharks were transported by truck to the filming location. In early July, the platform used to tow the two laterals Sharks overturned while being submerged to the sea floor, forcing a team of divers to retrieve it. The shark model fourteen people needed to operate all its moving parts.
The shoot was complicated and budget soared. David Brown said the budget "was four million and the film ended up costing nine million". special effects only cost three million due to computer problems with mechanical sharks, and not in vain more disgruntled members of the team named the film as "Flaws" - "Defects," for its similarity to "Jaws" -. Spielberg attributed many of the problems to his perfectionism and his inexperience. The first was clear by his insistence on shooting in the sea with a life-sized shark, "I could have shot the film in a water tank or even in a protected lake somewhere, but it would have been the same". As for his lack of experience, he said: "I was naive about
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Email: jawnfrg
To adapt Spielberg wanted to keep the basic concept Benchley's novel, but also some of the subplots eliminate him. stated that his favorite part of the book was shark hunting in the last 120 pages, and when you took the job Zanuck said "I'd do the film if I can change the first two acts and base them in the original script, and then be very faithful to the book in the final third". When the producers acquired the rights to the novel promised Benchley could write the first draft of the film script. In total came to write three drafts before the script was delivered to other writers. When sending your latest version to Spielberg, he said: "It's the best I can do." One of his changes was to eliminate the matter of adultery between Ellen Brody and Matt Hooper at the suggestion of Spielberg, who feared that this camaraderie lessened one of the three men aboard the Orca. During filming, Benchley agreed to return to the project to play a small role as a reporter   .
Spielberg, who felt that the characters in the script resulted Benchley still unfriendly, invited the young writer John Byrum to do a rewrite, but he refused. The creators of the television series Colombo , William Link and Richard Levinson , also declined an invitation from the principal. The playwright Howard Sackler , award winning Tony and Pulitzer , was in Los Angeles when producers began looking for another writer and offered to perform a rewrite. As the director and producers were unhappy with Benchley's script, immediately accepted.
Spielberg wanted "certain lightness" to Shark, sympathetic situations that would prevent the film from becoming "a hunt in a dark sea," so he turned to his friend Carl Gottlieb , a screenwriter and comedian who worked then in comedy The Odd Couple television. Spielberg sent her a script, asking what they would change and whether it had a role to play would be interested. Gottlieb returned three pages with notes and chose the character of Meadows, editor of a local newspaper. He passed an audition a week before Spielberg take him to talk to the producers about his involvement as a writer.
Although their initial agreement was polishing the dialogue in just one week, Gottlieb finally became the head writer and completely rewrote the script during the nine weeks of filming. The script for each sequence is used to finish writing the night before the shoot, after Gottlieb dinner with Spielberg and the cast and crew to decide what ultimately include in the film. Many lines of dialogue were the result of improvisation of the actors during these meals, and a few decided already in the same set of filming the famous phrase if ad lib. of Roy Scheider 'need another bigger boat. " John Milius helped polish some dialogues and the writers of Sugarland, Matthew Robbins and Hal Barwood, also made ​​small contributions but do not appear in the credits. Spielberg said he prepared his own draft, but is not clear to what extent the writers were based on it.
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Email: jawnfrg
Richard D. Zanuck and David Brown , producers of Universal Pictures , had heard separately from the novel Jaws , by Peter Benchley   . Brown met the writer in the fiction department of the magazine Cosmopolitan , which was then edited by his wife, Helen Gurley Brown   . The editor of the literary section of the magazine wrote a short summary of his argument and concluded with the comment "could be a good movie". Both producers read the novel in one night and the next morning agreed it was "the most exciting thing that had ever read" and they wanted to produce a film version, although they were not sure how it could be done. In 1973, before the publication of the novel, rights bought by 175 000 U.S. dollars   (USD and up). Brown said that if he had read the book twice never produced the film because he would have realized how difficult it would be to execute certain sequences.
To direct the adaptation, Zanuck and Brown initially considered the veteran filmmaker John Sturges , whose curriculum included a maritime adventure, The Old Man and the Sea - before offering the job to Dick Richards , who the year before had directed his first film, Courage , sweat and gunpowder   . However, the producers ended irritated by Richards's habit of describing as a whale shark and soon abandoned the project who wanted Steven Spielberg   . In 26 years, had directed his first film for cinema, Sugarland , producing Zanuck and Brown. At the end of a meeting in his office, Spielberg took a copy of the still unpublished novel by Benchley and was immediately captivated. later observed that was similar to his 1971 TV movie, Duel , because in both stories' these Leviathans attack anyone ". After the departure of Richards of the project, the producers hired Spielberg, who signed in June 1973, before the release of Sugarland. However, before they threw out walking the production, Spielberg began to have doubts about the project for fear of being typecast as "the director of the truck and the shark '. He wanted to run in place of Lucky Lady Adventurers of 20th Century Fox , but Universal exercised their right under contract with the director to prevent his departure. Brown tried to convince Spielberg to continue with the film, saying that "after   [Shark], you can do all the movies you want". The film received an estimated budget of 3.5 million dollars and filming within fifty-five days. We planned to start filming in May 1974 and the end of the filming Universal sought in late June when the contract expired the producer with the Screen Actors Guild and thereby avoid any disruption due to a strike.
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