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name: royal jewelry
email: sw7kmiig
country, city: CA
message: Is UNIFLASH compatible with ROLAND MV-30? Thank you
(Thursday 18 July 2013 14:35:52)

  • 2AVCom [email] [url]
    Yes. The Uniflash USB v2 full compliant with Roland MV-30. There are photos of the installation. Send photos by email for you?.
    18.07.13 15:11

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    name: Onigiri Mickey
    country, city: Japan
    message: Hello. I live in Japan and I still have few synthesizers with '2DD FLOPPY DRIVE' and the belt drive has run out.  I would like you to ask againc'The UNIFLASH-USB ' , They are connectable also with the connector of 2DD FLOPPY-DRIVE?   (I Have Ensoniq EPS, EPS 16+, YAMAHA SY-99, DX7II FD and things like that) I am sorry to bother youc
    (Friday 29 June 2012 08:37:09)

  • 2AVCom
    Hello Onigiri Mickey,
    Yes, our device runs successfully with the connector of 2DD floppy drive.
    As for yours synthesizers:
    1. For SY-99 include additionally cable. There is a photos.  
    2. With the synthesizers Ensoniq EPS, EPS 16+ and Yamaha DX7II FD we have not test.
    You can buy Uniflash USB for  Yamaha SY-99 and do test for the rest of your devices.
    Our Best Regards  
    29.06.12 10:02
  • Onigiri Mickey [Japan]
    @Hello again and I thank you very much for your reply-message regarding this.
       If I Would like to buy your products   (no distributers found around ASIAcj,How should I do or could your show me the way to paying.  I have no credit card or so nowc@ No way?
    30.06.12 11:06
  • 2AVCom
    Hello Onigiri Mickey,
    To get our device Uniflash USB ver.2 with a 2gb memory card, you should transfer 119 $ US   (About 9500 JPE) to Western Union for
    Kozitckiy str. 56/31
    21050 Vinnitca
    + control number transfer
    This amount includes the cost of the device, memory card, as well as the cost of shipment   (delivery) and insurance.
    After getting the money we made postal transfer the device for you by given your address.
    02.07.12 07:54

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    name: Roberto Lins
    email: robertolins
    country, city: Sao Paulo - BRAZIL
    message: Dear Alexandro
    Is UNIFLASH compatible with ROLAND MV-30? Thank you
    (Wednesday 14 March 2012 16:10:09)

  • 2AVCom
    Yes. The UNIFLASH USB runs successfully with ROLAND MV-30. I have a ROLAND MV-30. I can do for your photo and video installation.
    14.03.12 17:46

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    name: Alexandro
    email: alexandrodeexu
    country, city: Saint-Petersburg
    Uniflash KORG T3,   ?
    (Monday 13 February 2012 10:11:23)

  • 2AVCom
    , . .
    13.02.12 13:04

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