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name: Jaroslaw
email: j.trawka
country, city: UK, Cardiff
message: Hello  
Found Uniflash USB V2.0 on Amazon,  
just wondering which version of display are you currently fitting to the device. I would like to buy the LCD version but the amazon photo shows the old LED one.
Many Thanks  
(Wednesday 19 April 2017 16:33:59)

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name: Melquisonic
email: promelq
country, city: Bajos de Haina
message: ¡Cuánto me alegro que este dispositivo ahora existe! Hubo que esperar tanto tiempo para ver que algún día se solucionara la sustitución del fiel y ya desusado disquete.  
Me apena que ya tenga que dejarlo, pero es tiempo de dejar llegar la nueva tecnología. Y digo, que sigan viniendo cada vez más y más nuevas tecnologías que ayuden a mejorar nuestros medios y asegurar nuestras ideas.  
Gracias 2AVCom por pensar en la gente. Gracias.
(Saturday 25 March 2017 02:57:06)

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name: Gerard Cabraal
email: gerardcabraal
country, city: ROBINA Australia Qld
icq: 4226
message: I want to buy the FDD/USB emulator for my Roland MV30.  Please send me some photos of a successful installation.  How does the bootup disk work?
(Wednesday 06 May 2015 01:39:17)

  • 2AVCom™
    Hello Gerard Cabraal,
    The next few days we will send pictures for you.
    06.05.15 07:57

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    name: Strma
    email: dstrma666
    message: Hello, just came across Audiofloppy at
    Is this your Uniflash-USB v2 upgraded with audio outputs or something else?
    Images are showing it installed on Ketron SD1, would it work within Ketron SD1 plus with 4.0c firmware? Can it be used in Roland SD35 midi file player   (of course, without audio player outputs attached....or even better with it :-)  )?
    What is the price with shipping to Croatia or with local shipping   (within Ukraine)?
    (Monday 21 July 2014 09:30:49)

  • 2AVCom™ [email] [url]
    The Audiofloppy this is two devices in one device. Drive Emulator 999 floppy disk + audio player mp3 and wav files reads. The Audiofloppy   (112 EUR), Uniflash USB v2   (77 EUR) and FDD Emulator   (53 EUR) runs successfully with Ketron SD1 plus and Roland SD35. We can take a picture with Roland audio connection. The price with shipping to Croatia or with shipping within Ukraine 7 EUR.
    Best Regards
    21.07.14 10:20
  • Strma [email]
    Thank you for your fast response.
    So, AudioFloppy offers all the functionality of Uniflash-USB v2 plus audio-feature?
    I downloaded manual for Uniflash-USB v2 and as I couldn't find any documentation for AudioFloppy, does that mean that the procedure to install it is the same? Please Send some photos how to install AudioFloppy to Roland SD35 and how to play audio files from it.
    Thanks in advance
    21.07.14 11:28
  • 2AVCom™ [email] [url]
    "The Audiofloppy offers all the functionality of Uniflash-USB v2 plus audio-feature?"
    All right. These days I will do photos for you.
    My Regards
    21.07.14 13:22

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    name: Gayan Perera
    email: gayanp
    country, city: Sri lanka, Colombo
    message: Is UNIFLASH compatible for YAMAHA SY77 keyboard?
    If yes, i would like to buy this product. can you show me the way.
    (Tuesday 13 May 2014 08:39:07)

  • 2AVCom™ [email] [url]
    Hello Gayan Perera,
    Yes, compatible. To get our device Uniflash USB ver.2 with a 2gb memory card, you should transfer 119 $ US to Western Union for  
    Kozitckiy str. 56/31  
    21050 Vinnitca  
    + control number transfer  
    This amount includes the cost of the device, memory card, as well as the cost of shipment     (delivery) and insurance.  
    Need the address for delivery.
    14.05.14 16:15
  • Gayan Perera
    Sorry.. One thing want to know.. Is It comming with 26 pin connectin cable.. And can I update regarding package includes...?
    15.05.14 16:11
  • Gayan Perera
    If you have any photoes & vedios about your product with Yamaha sy77 please forwerd me...
    15.05.14 16:18
  • 2AVCom™ [email] [url]
    Yes. This is 26 pin connection cable. Cable included. Photos tomorrow in your email.
    16.05.14 01:30
  • 2AVCom™ [email] [url]
    Sixth picture from the top fdd from Yamaha SY77 and our emulator for Yamaha SY77. 26 pin.
    16.05.14 01:38
  • gayan perera
    Is there any way to payments with using credit cards
    16.05.14 01:48
  • 2AVCom™ [email] [url]
    Yes, there is. On page press the button "Buy it Now" and follow the instructions.  
    16.05.14 10:56
  • Gayan Perera
    I cant find "Buy it now" wordings...
    16.05.14 11:51
  • Gayan Perera
    I can't do my payments coz, i was not received "CODE FROM SMS". I tried 10 times.
    19.05.14 10:51
  • Gayan Perera
    I already done my payments 119 $ for uniflash USB ver.2 USB emulator by LIQPAY.
    19.05.14 11:55

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    name: Ralph
    email: ralph.richt
    country, city: London
    message: Hello, Can you tell me if your 2DD floppy emulator would work with a Technics KN5000 keyboard, also do have anything similar in USB flash stick as well, and where I could purchase it. also the price of your unit. many thanks.Ralph
    (Sunday 06 April 2014 15:26:09)

  • 2AVCom™ [email] [url]
    Hello Ralph,
    We are very grateful to you for getting interested in our product. Our regret. The our floppy emulator UNIFLASH USB v2 not checked with yours device.
    06.04.14 19:55

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    name: Valery
    email: belyayevv
    country, city: Yaroslavl,Russia
    message: Да-да,разъем очень нужен,26 пин.Без него никак.Адрес:150000,г.Ярославль,ул.Суркова,д.4,кв.9,Беляев Валерий Георгиевич
    (Wednesday 12 March 2014 21:10:59)

  • 2AVCom™ [email] [url]
    12.03.14 22:25
  • Valery [email] [Yaroslavl,Russia]
    Добрый день!После отправки напишите номер почтового отправления,если не трудно Smile
    15.03.14 08:31
  • 2AVCom [email] [url]
    Хорошо, отправим на электнную почту.
    15.03.14 10:25
  • Valery [email] [Yaroslavl,Russia]
    Добрый день!Отправили?
    19.03.14 20:34
  • 2AVCom™ [email] [url]
    Здравствуйте Валерий! Да, отправили. Детали на Вашей электронке.
    19.03.14 21:35
  • Valery [email] [Yaroslavl,Russia]
    20.03.14 05:59
  • Valery [email] [Yaroslavl,Russia]
    Всё пришло,всё заработало!Огромное спасибо! Good  Smile
    28.03.14 18:49

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    name: Valery
    email: belyayevv
    country, city: Yaroslavl,Russia
    message: День добрый.Сколько будет стоить вариант для KORG N364?
    (Sunday 16 February 2014 19:26:24)

  • 2AVCom™ [email] [url]
    Здравствуйте Валерий!  
    Цены 75$, 99$, 142$ + доставка, в том числе для KORG N364. Почитать и посмотреть можно тут:
    16.02.14 20:25
  • Valery [email] [Yaroslavl,Russia]
    Интересует Fdd Emulator программируемый эмулятор дисковода,указана цена в 590 гривен.Необходим 26-пиновый разъем для подключения в KORG N364.Сколько будет стоить данное устройство вместе с доставкой?И также(для сравнения) сколько будет стоить вместе с доставкой Эмулятор флоппи дисковода Uniflash USB v2 под KORG N364?Оплатить можно прямо здесь на сайте?
    17.02.14 08:57
  • 2AVCom™ [email] [url]
    Здравствуйте Валерий!
    Цены с доставкой 85у.е. и 109у.е. соответственно, при условии оплаты с сайта. Да, оплатить можно прямо с сайта.
    18.02.14 11:41
  • Valery [email] [Yaroslavl,Russia]
    Из-за этих политиков непонятно,возможно ли какие-либо платежи делать.Что у вас слышно?
    09.03.14 16:29
  • Valery [email] [Yaroslavl,Russia]
    И что будет с пересылкой?Заблокировали,наверное,всё сообщение между странами?
    09.03.14 16:44
  • 2AVCom™ [email] [url]
    Здравствуйте Валерий!
    Пока все нормально. Платежи проходят и почта работает. Можете покупать.
    11.03.14 17:19
  • Valery [email] [Yaroslavl,Russia]
    109 y.e. - это в долларах?
    11.03.14 18:31
  • 2AVCom™ [email] [url]
    11.03.14 19:59
  • Valery [email] [Yaroslavl,Russia]
    День добрый!Оплатил 109$.К Вам придут,наверное,послезавтра.Хотя могут и завтра.
    12.03.14 17:24
  • 2AVCom™ [email] [url]
    Здравствуйте Валерий!
    Спасибо! Денежку получили. На днях, не обещаю завтра, прицепим разъемчик и отправим Вам прибор.
    12.03.14 18:25
  • 2AVCom™ [email] [url]
    Да, желательно адрес отправки. Можно на мыло.
    12.03.14 18:28

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    name: Michail
    email: playthepiano
    country, city: Russia
    message: Здравствуйте! Не могу узнать цену на floppy emulator. Хотелось бы приобрести. Спасибо.
    (Sunday 19 January 2014 13:03:16)

  • 2AVCom™ [email] [url]
    Здравствуйте Михаил!
    Цены 75$, 99$, 142$. Почитать и посмотреть можно тут:
    19.01.14 13:36

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    name: Joe
    email: simgr
    message: is this emulator compatible with Ensoniq MR 76
    (Wednesday 11 December 2013 17:01:44)

  • 2AVCom [email] [url]
    Hello Joe,
    Yes, this is emulator compatible with Ensoniq MR 76.
    12.12.13 09:41

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