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559 Имя: Антон 8 февраля 2010г. в 21:11
Email: anton_p
Кто-то на 4pda ищет оригинальную немецкую прошивку. Я вот свою залил, пускай пользуется. http://netload.in/dateio0rceEPYo7/Ger_Orig_ROM_N560.7z.ht...
558 Имя: rimytis 4 февраля 2010г. в 17:57
Email: rimytis
Instalyroval v svoi Loox N560 versiju WM6.5 28205.
Vsio bilo chorosho. Sdelol HARD RESET i vsio, pocket bolshe nemogu vkliutshit. Vtshom problema, shto delat. Nazimaju knopku vkliutshit, no nikakoi reakciji. Pomagyte pozalsta.
557 Имя: Sean 15 января 2010г. в 12:51
Email: amicitiamor
Your software is awesome.
One question, do you have any plan to port Android OS to n560 if it is possible? That will be really interesting.
Комментарии посетителей:
  • Newplow [email]
    There are no plans подмигивание
    16.01.10 05:31

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    556 Имя: Armando 12 января 2010г. в 09:18
    Email: armando_unina
    I'm using GPS FW 3.5.0.
    By deleting packedephemeris.ee AND ephdata.clm   (by renaming it and then powering off N560), ephdata.clm is created as soon as a fix occurs without requiring to download packedephemeris.ee!
    According to QuickPosition, this ephemeris file expires in 2 days and 3 hours as soon as it has been created by SIF2   (without packedephemeris.ee).
    I think SIF2 is correctly working on my N560.
    GPS Locator uses the COM specified in registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/FSC/GPSLocator/Settings/Port key.
    ephdata.clm is created by using GPSLocator on HW port 4   (and not only SW port 8). I'm a little confused  саркастический  
    I may be wrong but now I think software port use is not required to have quick fix   (by ephemeris file use). Probably it's useful only to allow access to GPS by many programs "together".
    Am I wrong???
    Best Regards
    Комментарии посетителей:
  • Armando [email]
    May be SW port is to be selected to use packedephemeris.ee   (SIF 1) on FW 3.5.0?
    12.01.10 09:24
  • Armando [email]
    Just installed WM 6.1 20757-02.01.
    I found specific 3.5.0 FW GPS settings   (by Tune Up utility).
    Now I'm sure my GPS really works as expected голливудская улыбка
    Thank You Newplowe!
    12.01.10 16:06
  • Newplow [email]
    Thank you!  
    I'm glad that everything works подмигивание
    12.01.10 17:01

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    555 Имя: Nico 28 декабря 2009г. в 19:02
    Email: mouseproblem
    Можно как-то сделать, чтобы был виден курсор при подключении мышки? Признаки того, что мышь работает есть, но курсора самого не видно. Желательно без громоздкого стороннего ПО, вроде USBInput.
    Комментарии посетителей:
  • Newplow [email]
    Решается с помощью драйвера MoDaCo_Athena_Test_Mouse_Driver. Сделайте поиск по гостевой книге со словом курсор, найдете обсуждение этой проблемы
    29.12.09 05:33
  • Nico [email]
    Драйвер от athena практически неработоспособен. Слишком быстро перемещается курсор по оси y, а когда веду влево, он вдобавку ведет курсор вниз, вправо - наоборот вверх.
    Со стандартным драйвером все плавно и правильно - проверял рисованием линий в Notes'ах.
    Работает из всего, что пробовал ставить, только платный USBInput. Но его хватает всего на 50 кликов ;(
    30.12.09 18:10

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    554 Имя: Fredersdorf 3 ноября 2009г. в 14:12
    Email: hh
    ist es moeglich, die Aufloesung des Displays zu verringern? Ich habe eine spezielle Navigations-SW die 320x240 benoetigt. GruГџ FRED
    Комментарии посетителей:
  • Rasmus [email]
    05.11.09 19:05
  • 1nd1g0 [email]
    Bildschirmauflösung sollte automatisch geändert werden, wenn Sie das Programm starten, gibt es auch ein Programm-Lader mit dem Ändern der Auflösung mit Gewalt, bevor Sie, schauen Sie in Google
    08.12.09 06:00
  • 1nd1g0 [email]
    Na ja, писали бы вы на английском чтобы вам могло помочь больше пользователей и остальные могли бы также прочесть нашу переписку с пользой.
    08.12.09 06:06
  • 1nd1g0 [email]
    Na ja, würden Sie in Englisch zu schreiben, so dass Sie mehr Benutzer helfen könnte, und andere können auch unsere Korrespondenz mit Nutzen zu lesen.
    08.12.09 06:06

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    553 Имя: Jaap 15 октября 2009г. в 08:43
    Email: jgnijboer
    Loss of data on SDHC card
    Regularly my PDA now destroys the complete content on my 16GB SDHC card.
    When looking at the Properties it indicates that about 7GB is still in use, however all directories and files in Explorer are gone   (except the encryption file). The same behaviour I see, when I put the card in a SD card reader and access it in my PC.
    I have no idea what is happening. I can only repair by formatting the card again and then put all data back on it. Formatting is done by using StorageTools in my PDA.
    What I also sometimes see, is that after putting my PDA in sleep mode   (short push on the power button) I can not switch it on again with the power button. In such cases I have to push the reset in the pinhole and then sometimes also my SDHC card is lost. Furthermore in such cases the PDA had consumed a lot of battery capacity.
    Could it be possible that during sleep mode some program or process tries to start? Is there some program for making logs of activities during sleep mode?
    How can I tackle these problems?  
    I am running now 20755 build 22.
    Комментарии посетителей:
  • Newplow [email]
    To determine the cause of outage data to SD, then format your memory card into the PDA, to write her a lot of music, do hard reset PDA, run Windows Media Player and see what will be a memory card. if everything is normal, then the data loss affects some third-party program.
    15.10.09 10:42
  • Jaap [email]
    Dear Newplow, I followed your advice. I reformatted my SDHC card and put 7.5GB of audio on it   (all mp3, 146 folders, 1709 files). Everything was functioning well. I could play the music with several media players, among which Windows Media Player.  
    However after playing around one and a half day, all of a sudden the directory of my SDHC card had disappeared again. Properties of File Explorer   (or Settings/System/Memory/Storage Card) shows 7.5GB in use and 8GB free.
    I have the feeling that there is still some bug in the SDHC card driver. When using my 4GB standard SD card, I do not have these problems. While in both cases   (SD and SDHC) I have exactly the same programs on my PDA and the same programs on my SD/SDHC card. My SD/SDHC card contains the programs for TomTom and Garmin Mobile XT. On my SDHC card I only have a few additional maps   (USA + Canada for TomTom and City Navigator for Garmin). So basically they have the same content.
    What can be the cause?
    By the way, I also noticed that ActiveSync is always running. Whenever you stop it in TaskManager, a few moments later, when you look again with TaskManager it is back again   (even when holding the PDA just in your hand without any connection and with Bluetooth and Wifi switched off). Is this normal behaviour?
    19.10.09 09:05
  • drfie [email]
    I have similar problems.
    In my case files on SDHC card become corrupted from time to time. But I think that this problem was on each firmware I used with or without SDHC driver.
    Hanging device after putting it to sleep is very annoying but it was with my Loox always too - in all firmwares.
    ActiveSync problem can be resolved with "Fake server trick" see http://www.mobiletopsoft.com/board/1751/how-to-prevent-wm...   . In wm6.1 to make the change permanent you have to leave the fake server   (i.e. do not apply step 6). This trick does in fact some changes to registry.
    19.10.09 17:24
  • Jaap [email]
    I apply this fake server trick already for a long time, but even then sometimes my N560 hangs during sleep mode. It also did this with the old WM5.
    20.10.09 14:08
  • drfie [email]
    Fake server trick does not prevent the hangs after suspend. However, it does prevent ActiveSync from restarting after you close it. If your ActiveSync keeps restarting you have probably applied the fake server trick in a wrong way.
    22.10.09 16:54
  • Jaap [email]
    Thanks for your hint. I removed the fake server, but indeed when you leave it there, ActiveSync stays off.
    Concerning the hangups and loss of directory of the SDHC card, I am now removing my programs one-by-one to find out if there is any program that might cause these problems. However this is a very time-consuming job, because the problems do not happen always. So I have to try many time before I can move on to the next removal.
    25.10.09 10:27
  • harris78gr [email]
    I have the same problem, too!!! All my data disappeared from my 8gb sdhc!!! I see only 1,5 gb free from 8gb, but the card appears empty in explorer!!!! I use the xxx-23 version...
    28.10.09 00:54
  • harris78gr [email]
    I have to say that I used all the previews verions   (except 22) with the same content in the card without any problems untill now
    28.10.09 00:56
  • harris78gr [email]
    This happened again today with only the i-go8 inside the card. Again all the data losted!!!  печальный
    28.10.09 13:16
  • Alexb [email]
    harris78gr, joining on your trouble, the data makes the world, exactly... However, just me DO have an experience on 32GB SDHC subj onboard, by 6 months just on newplow 61_20755_063_07_full firmware. Maybe, the firmware version is the issue?
    28.10.09 22:03
  • heiwi [email]
    Yesterday i had the same trouble for the second time.
    I flashed to the new WM6.1_20757 and after this i changed some settings. Everything was OK.
    Than i inserted the 16GB-Card with the backup of the Loox and all other programs etc and started the backup to restore. Everything was OK.
    After the restart while Sprite Backup shows the notification to show the report the Loox hangs for a short time. After this my 16GB-Card was empty.
    Because i know this problem i had make a backup before and could restore everything on the card in a few minutes after formatting by Panasonic SD-Formatter.
    30.10.09 11:01
  • Jaap [email]
    Surprise: Put my PDA in sleep mode last night and this morning all data on my 4GB standard(!) SD card, which was in the PDA, was gone.  
    What is happening? Could there be a virus?
    How to discover?
    31.10.09 10:01
  • gimgr [email]
    I lost the data of my 8GB SDHC, too!!!!
    Newplow what is going wrong with the latest firmwares?????
    31.10.09 22:28
  • Newplow [email]
    I use a PDA   (with all my firmware) 7 memory cards and no problems.  
    SD Kindmax   (micro) 256Mb,  
    SD Kingston   (micro) 128Mb,  
    SD Kingston 512Mb,  
    SD Kingston 2Gb,  
    SD Trancend 2Gb,  
    SD Trancend 1Gb,  
    SDHC Trancend 8Gb class 6.  
    Observe the following rules:  
    1. It is desirable to format the memory card in the PDA   (I formatters Storage Tools by SoftWinter),  
    2. File system is FAT32, cluster - 4096 bytes  
    3. After flashing PDA, Restore does not do.  
    4. If you have problems with memory card, make sure it runs on pure PDA   (after hard reset, installed without third-party programs).
    02.11.09 07:40
  • harris78gr [email]
    Dear Newplow, I went back to 20755 build 21 and all works again fine. But when I tried again the build 23 I lost all the data of my card again!!! I followed all your instructions and I used the same SDHC 8GB card with only a few files on it for test. I use the same card with same contents for all your version   (from build 01!!!) without any broblems until build 23. So I think something is going wrong with the build 23 and maybe and with build 22, as others have problems with it, too.
    02.11.09 09:04
  • Newplow [email]
    This is strange. File system in 20755-21,22,23 same.  
    And you have not tried other firmware?  
    I now use constantly 20757-01. Can you try as it works.
    02.11.09 13:20
  • Jaap [email]
    Could there perhaps be some link with Sprite Backup?
    Heiwi reported a crash after restoring his Sprite back-up.  
    My last crash was after I made a backup with Sprite.
    And a few days earlier I had a hangup. After pushing the reset pin, the screen showed an error message "The file SpriteStart cannot be opened.   ...etc." This message surprised me a bit, because I did not do anything with Sprite at that moment, but I further ignored the message.
    Somebody has some more hints?  
    I am now reprogramming my PDA without the Sprite Backup utility. But I need some more time for that.
    02.11.09 14:59
  • heiwi [email]
    Today I have performed a hard reset five times and restored the loox every time with the same   (sprite) backup without any problem.
    02.11.09 19:05
  • Jaap [email]
    The hangups and loss of data I experienced up till now are not consistent. It happens randomly, somtimes you get a failure, but most of the time there are no problems. However with my SDHC card it happens more frequently than with my standard SD card.  
    This random behavior makes it so difficult to find a cause.
    03.11.09 08:12
  • Jaap [email]
    My PDA now only contains WM6.1-20755-22   (I applied factory reset: power button + calendar button + reset). I did not install any other programs.
    Then I did following experiment   (with SD or SDHC card inserted):
    1) Switch off PDA   (long press of power button) and wait for some time.
    2) Switch on PDA: you will see the start-up screen with climbers, then the green screen with Windows Mobile version 6.1 and finally the normal opening screen.
    3) Then press Start: after a delay of a few seconds   (3 or 4), the start menu appears.
    4) Select File Explorer: normally all directory items will appear, including the Storage Card   (your SD card).
    However, when I have inserted my SDHC card, sometimes   (randomly about 1 out of 10 times), in step 3) the Start menu appears immediately after touching Start without any delay.
    When you then select the File Explorer, the Storage Card is not visible.
    Removing the SDHC card and immediately re-inserting it, brings it back in File Explorer and then everything is working properly. I did not experience loss of data in this setup.
    Up till now I could not reproduce this failure with my standard SD card inserted.
    So my cautious conclusion would be that there is indeed  some   (random?) problem with the SDHC driver.
    04.11.09 12:02
  • harris78gr [email]
    I use now the 20757-01 without any problems with sdhc data until now... Lets see... замешательство
    04.11.09 20:26
  • harris78gr [email]
    Jaap I had noticed the same things when my data lost with 20755-23 version. The sd was not visible sometimes on Explorer... Now, with 20757-01 I noticed that the sd card appears on the bottom of Explorer   (as last item on the screen), but I have no problem with data, until now....
    04.11.09 20:31
  • Jaap [email]
    I know that the SD card sometimes appears at the bottom of the list, but because I only have the OS and no other programs it is still on the screen without scrolling.
    Perhaps I should also change over to the newer version 20757 now and see how this version behaves.
    05.11.09 09:27
  • Newplow [email]
    Question to all восклицание  
    To understand how to fix the problem described, I want to clarify:  
    In other versions   (20757, 21028, 21055, 21501, etc.), firmware also cases described above, in trouble with the SD вопрос
    07.11.09 08:17
  • Rasmus [email]
    Ответ на Ваш последний вопрос - да, увы. На прошивках с 6.1 - точно, периодически теряется информация, как было описано выше.
    К сожалению, не могу сказать точно версии прошивок, но я перешиваюсь часто, причем именно Вашими прошивками. Пробовал все линейки.
    Карта - Kingmax 16Gb Class 6
    07.11.09 09:04
  • harris78gr [email]
    I had the problem only with 20755-23. Now I am using 20757-01 without problems. But I am using it only 3-4 days...
    07.11.09 23:30
  • Jaap [email]
    I have been using 20755-12,14,19,21 and 22 and as far as I can remember, all of them caused trouble.
    But I have a new situation now.
    Since last week Friday I have been using 20757-01 without any further programs installed and all appeared to be stable. Until this morning when I installed SPB Pocket Plus   (version 4.1.0). Immediately after giving a reset for restarting the system, I lost all of the data on my SDHC card again.
    Could there be a linkage with SPB Pocket Plus?  
    Do others that have the same kind of trouble also run SPB Pocket Plus on their PDA?
    09.11.09 10:19
  • heiwi [email]
    I had never used SPB Pocket Plus
    09.11.09 12:15
  • Jaap [email]
    I have some more experimental data on my problems with the SDHC card.
    As reported earlier on Friday November 6, I installed WM6.1 20757-01, without installing any programs.
    Everything was stable without any problems, untill I installed SPB Pocket Plus v4.1 on Monday November 6.
    Then immediately after a soft reset for restarting the system, I had already lost all data on my SDHC card again.
    I immediately removed SPB Pocket Plus again and installed all of my other software.
    I have been using this configuration untill last Friday November 13.  
    I had no problems at all, everything was stable, no hangups, the SDHC card was always showing up in File Explorer and  
    no loss of data.
    Then I installed SPB Pocket Plus again.
    By fortune I discovered that SPB Pocket Plus had its own SoftReset function.
    But also the build-in WM SoftReset was still there.
    Then I switched on my device and repeatedly used the WM SoftReset.
    After a few times   (typically 4~6 times) using the WM SoftReset, I lost all data on my SDHC card.
    After putting some new files on my SDHC card, I repeated this procedure with the same results.
    I did several of such trials and everytime after using the WM SoftReset a few times I lost all data on my SDHC card.
    Then I did the same experiments with the SPB SoftReset.
    In this case I could not generate a loss of data on my SDHC card.
    So I now have a very strong feeling that there is some conflict between SPB Pocket Plus and the WM SoftReset.
    Is it possible to remove the WM SoftReset or is it possible to switch this function OFF?
    Because SPB has its own SoftReset I would like to try my system with this SPB SoftReset alone.
    What I also am going to try out now is an older version of SPB Pocket Plus   (v3.2).
    However v4.1 has some nice additional features which makes it more attractive.
    15.11.09 12:51
  • harris78gr [email]
    I never used spb plus and I never used the wm soft reset function! The data on my card was lost without any restart of the device! All happened with 20755-23 version. Now I use 20757-01 without any problems up to now...
    15.11.09 13:25
  • Jaap [email]
    My N560 with 20757-01 looks to be stable now.
    I went back to SPB Pocket Plus version 3.2 and did not experience problems for one week now.
    Both version 4.0.2 and version 4.1.0 did cause trouble   (hang-ups, SDHC card now showing up in File Explorer and loss of data on SDHC card).
    I regret this, because the versions 4 of SPB Pocket Plus do have some nice srolling/panning features.
    23.11.09 09:30
  • harris78gr [email]
    Unfortunately, it happened again... All the data have been losted again with 20757-01..... печальный
    27.11.09 21:02
  • Jason [email]
    Mohl by se použít driver SDHC karty z verze WM6.1.063.1g.SDHC do verze 6.1.755 Tato starší verze mi kartu nemaže.
    03.12.09 13:40

  • Комментировать
    552 Имя: Jason 3 декабря 2009г. в 13:38
    Email: oschrank
    Mohl by se použít driver SDHC karty z verze WM6.1.063.1g.SDHC do verze 6.1.755 Tato starší verze mi kartu nemaže.
    551 Имя: ExMugly 25 ноября 2009г. в 13:25
    Email: ExMaugly
    Необходимо менять сенсорный экран...    
    кто знает, где можно его купить????  
    легко меняется???
    Комментарии посетителей:
  • Oleg [email]
    На www.ebay.com можно купить.
    27.11.09 18:02

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    550 Имя: mkochano 24 ноября 2009г. в 09:06
    Email: michal
    Have you noticed minor screen corruptions that sometimes appear?
    I've seen them on:
    - 6.1 20757-01;
    - 6.1 21055-00;
    - 6.5 21501-08.
    The 6.1 20755-23 version is OK.
    The one place they are easiest to see is mountain view before green "windows mobile version 6" screen after soft reset. A second before green screen three corrupted rectangles appear.
    They also appear in Opera 10beta1 after screen backlight turns off and on. The have shape of two short vertical lines.
    Did anyone seen it? Is there a solution for it?
    Комментарии посетителей:
  • Newplow [email]
    These artifacts appear because they used an outdated driver display.
    In firmware wm 6.1-20755, wm 6.1-20757 these artifacts do not. In versions higher than 20757, this effect is.
    In the guest book and on the forum this question has already been discussed.
    25.11.09 07:05

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