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8 Name: Harvey 3 January 2005 00:39
Email: yahooCountry, city: The USA
Good Hi.... Everybody...... Happy New Year http://www.danasoft.com/sig/BillinFlorida.jpg
  • Harvey [email] [url] [The USA]
    Dancing That's pretty impresive , if I do say so myself   ! LOL  ..http://mod-site.net/s/appl2.gif
    03.01.05 02:21
  • Harvey [email] [url] [The USA]
    Hey   ! http://mod-site.net/s/beer.gifThis is kinda fun LOL...http://mod-site.net/s/crazy2.gif
    03.01.05 02:27
  • Sally [The USA]
    http://mod-site.net/s/kiss9.gif Boy oh boy are you clever   !
    03.01.05 02:38

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    7 Name: Jos&#233; Carlos Ribeiro 15 December 2004 15:26
    Country, city: Valinhos
    No ministério do socorro aos nossos irmãos em perturbação da Espiritualidade, não esqueçamos de considerá-los com os mesmos valores que utilizamos com os nossos doentes.
    Vladimir : Write it in English.
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    6 Name: sababa 22 October 2004 11:53
    Party thank
    Vladimir : You are welcome
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    5 Name: Alberto 21 November 2004 04:04
    I recommend a spelling dictionary for anyone who plans to make an entry Roll eyes
    Vladimir : I'll think about it.
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    4 Name: bency 20 November 2004 05:57
    Email: bency_onlygownsCountry, city: us,california
    i enjoyed your site very much.its interesting and informative.i would like to suggest you an another awesome site which is too good to enjoy and consider as well. ********.com present the best prom gowns, evening gowns,black dresses,and special cocktail dresses. Wonder  Roll eyes
    Vladimir : No spam!
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    3 Name: amy 12 September 2004 19:25
    Country, city: ca
    <marquee>Does html allowed?<marquee>
    Vladimir : No
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    2 Name: Administrator 20 April 2004 11:45
    Email: modernsiteCountry, city: Tomsk
    Administrator of ModernSite greets you. This is first entry in your guestbook. Thank you for choosing our service. We'll try to justify your expectations.
    Vladimir : This is answer to first entry. Use this message for design changing
  • Administrator [email] [url] [Tomsk]
    This is example of entry comment
    20.04.04 11:45

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    1 Name: Sergey 5 July 2004 01:46
    Email: webmasterCountry, city: Canada
    Cool guesbook!  
    Good luck!
    Vladimir : Thank you!
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