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lacybern [usa] [13.12.2017 05:07]

Hello viewer, i have always thought i will never get rid of my HPV because my doctor told me that there is no cure for it but when i search online for the cure i saw series of testimonies about how a herbalist doctor cure HPV with his herbal medicine and i was told he cure all kinds of std so i decided to give it a try and today after taking his medicine for two weeks i was test negative by the same doctor that said there was no cure for it. you can contact the man through his email and phone number if you want to order for his medicine. i have directed many people to the man and even my doctor purchase from him too for some of his patients. you can reach the man through his email on:  drtokubotemple You can also call/whatsapp him on: +2349037990322
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Susan Abake [USA,Amarillo] [09.12.2017 06:06]
I'm so thankful to Dr Akuna for his wonderful work done for me. i am Susan from Texas, Amarillo, i have been diagnosed of herpes disease for a long time and it have affected my job and i almost lost my job because i was suppose to be physically and healthily fit for the job without any disease but i slept with a stranger that i barely know and i was affected, i searched out for all remedy that i could, but all was a disappointment, until i met with the great Dr Akuna who i discussed with and he promised to help me, and not too long he prepared a powerful medicine for me and when i used it for 2weeks i was totally cured i am so happy to be cured from Dr Akuna herbal medicine, you too can be cured just contact him now on his Website:https://drakunasolutiontempleofallkindsofsicknessist
or his mobile Number/ what app:+2348162545070   or his

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Sabrina Morris [New York] [08.12.2017 05:18]

God bless Dr. Puma for his marvelous work in my life, I was diagnosed of HIV since 2010 and I was taking my medications, I wasn't satisfied i needed to get the HIV. out of my system, I searched about some possible cure for HIV i saw a comment about Dr. Puma, how he cured HIV with his herbal medicine, I contacted him and he guided me. I asked for solutions, he started the remedy for my health, he sent me the medicine through UPS SPEED POST. I took the medicine as prescribed by him and 8 days later i was cured from HIV/HERPES,thank you  Lalapumaspelltempletemple Dr Puma ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU SIR
Dr Puma cure the flowing virus, contact his WhatsApp number and calls +2349060961651
1 cancer cure
2 diabetes cure
3 ringing ear
4 herpes cure
5 warts cure
6 HPV cure
7 Hiv
7 get your ex back
8 pregnancy herbal medicine
9 prostate enlargement
10 Hepatitis B

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sssdd [06.12.2017 17:12]

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dona robert [usa] [04.12.2017 00:18]

I was diagnose April 17,2015 and find out I'm HIV positive.I was scared because there is no cure for HIV/AIDS but today some people still don't believe that there is cure for HIV, it can only be cured through Africans root and herbs,and our doctor's here in USA few of them know's about the African herbal medicine can cure Hiv but they chooses to hide it from us just to make a sales of ARV DRUGS. I did a research online finding way to get rid of my disease,I saw a comment about a herbal doctor on internet Name Dr itua ,who has cured several disease with his powerful herbal medicine, I contacted him on whats-app, chat with him explain my self to him.He said he can cure hiv perfectly well , he gave me his request which i send to him. within 5 days he sent me the herbal medicine through ups courier delivering service And told me how to take the medicine for 3 weeks to get cured,I did for 3 weeks, within this 3 weeks i notice a very big change in my health and i new some thing great has happened then i went to confirm my result it was absolutely negative.The doctor who new i was hiv positive was asking me how come i am negative, what did it took to get cure and were did i get this medicine from and how did i get rid of it I told him every thing about the herbal medicine that cure me. imagine doctor telling me not to let anyone know about it,I wasn't shock though i knew they know about the herbal cure but chose to hide it in other to make sales on ARV DRUGS,if you are HIV positive please contact my savior  drituaherbalcenter or WHATSAPP number +2348149277976.
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achima abelard [hamburg] [02.12.2017 01:00]

My life is beautiful because of you Mein Helfer.Lord jesus into my life as a candlelight in the dark. You showed me the meaning of faith with your words. I know even when i cried all day thinking how to get well you werent sleeping you were dear for me.I contacted Dr Itua herbal center lived in west Africa. A friend of mine here in Hamburg shes from Africa too,She told me about Africa herbs but was nervous about it.Im really scared when it come to African because i heard allot of fiend things about them due to my christiannity I pray to god for direction,I take a bold step and contact him on email then move to whatsapp he ask if I can come over for the treatment or want a delivery,I said i want to meet him I buy 2 ways ticket down to Africa to meet Dr Itua,I went there and i was speechless Of people I saw there.Patent,Sick people.Dr Itua is a god sent to the world,I told my Pastor about what am into,Pastor Bill Scheer We have a wonderfully Real Battle With Spirit And Flesh.worship that same night,He pray for me and ask me to lead,I spent 2 weeks and 2 days in Africa in Dr Itua Herbal Home,After the treatment He ask me to meet his nurse for Hiv test when i did it was negative,I quitely ask my friend to take me to other nearby hospital when i got there its was negative.I was overwhelm with the result,But happy inside me.We went to Dr Itua,I thank him but I explain to him I dont have enough to show my appreciation he understand my situation but promise him to testify the good work of his.I thank god for my dear friend,Emma I know she might be reading this right now,I want to say thank you.And a big thanks to Dr Itua Herbal Center.He Gave me his calendar which I place on my wall in my house.Dr Itua Can As Well Cure The Following DeseaseCancer,Hiv,Herpes, Hepatitis B,Liver Inflammatory,Diabetis,Fribroid,Get Your Ex Back.You can contact him on email or whatsapp,,phone number..+2348149277967..Hes nice Doc,Talk to him nicely.Im sure he will listen to you as well.
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James Panny [USA,JOHNSTOWN] [28.11.2017 00:51]

I want to say a big thank you to Dr Akuna for giving me unspeakable joy, 13years ago i had Hepatitis B disease and it was a headache to me as my eyes turn yellow and after giving several tries in church and mosques and traditional homes and nothing worked out, i decide to surf online for possible cure for my ailment and to my great surprise i saw lots of people speaking of how Dr Akuna is using his herbal medicine to cure their diseases namely, HIV,CANCER,DIABETES,SARS,HEART DISEASE,BRONCHITIS AND MORE that cannot be wrote mentioned, and i also visited his website and i found out truly Dr Akuna has been helping a lot of people online, and i sent email to him and he replied back to me and i told me what and what is needed to get my herbal medicine and i gave him and without any delays i received my herbal medicine after using for 2weeks i went to test myself again and there was no trace of Hepatitis B disease in my blood again. to reach Dr Akuna or Visit his web or Call him:+2348154625070 I'm sure he will be of help to your situation.
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Shanel Leaves [USA,Pierre] [26.11.2017 01:55]
I so much appreciate the great Dr Akuna for his marvelous work done for my life and of my partner, we were both HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS(HSV2) Positive, and this went on for more than 4years and 5month, but when i stumbled on Dr Akuna herbal healing herbs my life was changed for the better, so i am writing to inform the whole world of this wonderful man, Dr Akuna is very trusted and 100% guarantee to offer you the help of your choice, at first i thought this was a scam, but after taking Dr Akuna herbal healing herbs my life and of my partner was turnaround, i cant say more but to say well done sir, and more blessing to you and your handwork. Dr Akuna also cure all types of disease,  EPILEPSY.CANCER.HIV.DIABETES.SHINGLES.HPV.HEPATITIS A.B.C AND MANY MORE. Just email Dr Akuna:  drakunasolutiontemple or What app/Call: +2348154625070 or his website:
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Cheng [United States] [25.11.2017 22:11]

My name is Cheng Wang Alexis from USA, I want to tell everyone out that is sick, or having problems that there is a great man out there that can solve it with roots and herbs.
I was searching for something in the internet when I saw some testimonies of how Dr. Wadada cured a woman who is HIV positive, and I wondered "how?", I make this known to my friend and he adviced me to give a try which I did. When I called him, he said that "with God, all things are possible".
He sent me the drugs, which I took as directed by him. but, as I speak with you, I am HIV negative,   (that is, I am free from HIV).
So, I advice you too to contact him, and with God also, you can get cured.
Contact Dr. Wadada Temple on:
 drwadadatemple1 or Whatssap number +2347087744472.
Dr. Wadada specializes in the following:
1) Hiv/Aids
2) Herpes 1/2
3) Ulcer
4) Asthma
5) Kidney Problems
6) Getting your Ex back
7) Powers
8) Promotions of all kinds
9) STDs
10) Cancer
11) ALS
12) Hepatitis B
13) Diabetes
14) Changing Barrens to mother of Babes
15) Chlamydia
16) Amebiasis
17) Shigellosis
18) Shigella
19) Trichomoniasis
20) Scabies etc
Contact him and get a solution to all your problems

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MRS DENNIS [23.11.2017 19:49]

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Jazmine Davis [United State] [22.11.2017 22:03]

Am here to testify of the miraculous work of a great traditional doctor called DR.ZUKU   ..I have been suffering from Herpes since last 2 years with my Husband but today I am happy that am cure from it with the herbal medicine made by Dr.ZUKU the great healer, I was browsing the internet searching for help when I came across a testimony shared by someone on how Dr.ZUKU cure her from Herpes Disease. I quickly contacted him to get the cure and today i am now free from the Virus, I am so much happy today that we have someone like this great healer out there, so' people out there kindly contact this great doctor on his email address please sir keep your good work cause there are people out there who is in need of your healing medicine   .once more contact him now  drzukuspelltemple or contact Dr Zuku Blogs call or text +16177296273 Dr.Zuku can prepare Herbal medicine for all kind of disease. HIV. CANCER. HEPATITIS B.DIABETES.COLD SORES. Syphilis. HBV, HPV, STD's And many Dr.Zuku to get your healing.True Website  https://drzukuspelltemplewhereallkindsofproblemisbesol
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MRS DENNIS [22.11.2017 05:05]

HOW I GOT BACK MY EX LOVER BY HELP OF DR AKHEREAm here to testify what this great spell caster done for me. i never believe in spell casting, until when i was was tempted to try it. i and my husband have been having a lot of problem living together, he will always not make me happy because he have fallen in love with another lady outside our relationship, i tried my best to make sure that my husband leave this woman but the more i talk to him the more he makes me fell sad, so my marriage is now leading to divorce because he no longer gives me attention. so with all this pain and agony, i decided to contact this spell caster to see if things can work out between me and my husband again. this spell caster who was a woman told me that my husband is really under a great spell that he have been charm by some magic, so she told me that she was going to make all things normal back. she did the spell on my husband and after 5 days my husband changed completely he even apologize with the way he treated me that he was not him self, i really thank this woman her name is Dr AKHERE she have bring back my husband back to me i want you all to contact her who are having any problem related to marriage issue and relationship problem she will solve it for you. her email is :{ AKHERETEMPLE@gmail.comshe is a woman and she is great. wish you good time.He cast spells for different purposes like
(1) If you want your ex back.
(2) if you always have bad dream
(3) You want to be promoted in your office.
(4) You want women/men to run after you.
(5) If you want a child.
(6) You want to be rich.
(7) You want to tie your husband/wife to be yours forever.
(8) If you need financial assistance.
(10)Loretta spell
(11) love spell
(12) business spell if you are in any problem email him now and he will help you Contact him today on::{ AKHERETEMPLE@gmail.comDR AKHERE

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Queen Billy [USA,Brooklyn] [20.11.2017 07:16]

May God continue to bless Dr Koba for his awesome work he is doing to save many lives, i have been a sufferer of HSV 1&2 disease which i didn't know how i got it, but when i found out about it 5years ago i have been very angry and stress getting a remedy, and doctors say there is no cure for HSV 1&2 disease, but one wonderful morning i was out searching out for herbal remedy and i saw a comment of someone talking about how Dr Koba has cured them and i to the next page someone else was also talking about Dr Koba, i was relieve and happy that finally i have found someone that has remedy for me, i contacted his Email and before i knew it he replied me and that how i got my herbal medicine and i used it for only 2weeks i was totally cured, i am so happy viewers contact Dr Koba and get your cure now, or what app him:+2349037387574  or contact his
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Lu&237;s Filip [New York] [19.11.2017 12:57]

I can't express my Happiness but to say thank you Dr JOHN for bringing joy to peoples faces with your incredible herbs. i was infected with two difference disease HSV-1 & HSV-2   ..and when i met a friend of my who directed me to Dr.JOHN, he sent me bottles of herbal medicine that cure me from HSV-1 & HSV-2 if you need help or you have a problem, there is nothing Dr.JOHN can not do,so e-mail him with this mail address:  lupuscure2016
He also have the herb to cure.  
(1) HERPES,  
(3) HIV&AIDS,  
(9) ASTHMA...  
(10) HPV
(11) CANCER  
So friends my advise is if you have such sickness or any other at all:Eamil  lupuscure2016   Or  call Or whats-app +2347064365391  

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Rose Wendy [17.11.2017 02:58]

Hello everyone out there, I am here to give my testimony about a doctor who helped me in my life. I was infected with HERPES SIMPLEX  2 VIRUS, i went to many hospitals for cure but there was no solution, so I was thinking how can I get a solution out so that my body can be okay. One day I was in the river side thinking where I can go to get solution. so a lady walked to me telling me why am I so sad and i opened up all to her telling her my problem, she told me that she can help me out, she introduced me to a doctor who uses herbal medication to cure HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS and gave me his email, so i mailed him. He told me all the things I need to do and also give me instructions to take, which I followed properly. Before I knew what is happening after 3 weeks of taking the medication, i started filling some changes in my body. I went to the hospital for medical check up and to my greatest suprise, my doctor confirmed me Herpes Simplex 2 Virus negative. so if you are also heart broken and also need a help, you can also email him at  moonlightherbalcure
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emily harvey [16.11.2017 19:06]

Hello Good day we have the cure to many sickness and diseases and also spell to get any contract you want, the expansion of your company, business partners trust, E.T.C
We also have a herbal cure for Following DISEASES,this is not scam is 100% Real. contact us on  drimomohlovespell
-DIARRHEA and so on...  
contact DR IMOMOH for help on any problem on  drimomohlovespell

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Tosha Parker [Texas] [15.11.2017 20:42]

I am very happy to share this amazing testimony Dr.Zuku herbs help me to cure my Herpes Simplex Disease and i have this Herpes 3 months ago.. i had unprotected with man i met and he did tell me he had Herpes disease after some weeks later i started seeing bump and sore on my vaginal, and i was so scared so i went to my doctor and did some test and behold i was confirmed Herpes positive, i went home so confuse and frustrated about this, especially when i was told there was no permanent cure for it, i said to myself i need to research about this, maybe there might be a herbal help for me, and so i did and when i was researching about herbal herbs, i keep seeing Dr.Zuku on every blog and guestbook, so i immediately wrote to Dr.Zuku, after we discuss he prepared my medicine and sent it to me, within few days i received my medicine and started applying it as instructed within 2weeks Dr.Zuku told me to go and check up, and i did, shocking my result came out negative, i am so thanks to you sir,
contacthis email address,
more information Number :+16177296273

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Rose Alex [USA] [13.11.2017 01:50]

My name is Rose Alex from  Florida. I want to testify on how I was cured of Herpes by Dr Zuma, A great testimony that i must share to all HERPES patient in the world. I never believed that their could be any complete cure for HERPES or any cure for HERPES,i saw peoples testimony on blog sites of how Dr Zuma prepare herbal cure and brought them back to life again. i had to try it too and you can,t believe that in just few weeks i started using it all my pains stop gradually and i had to leave without the HERPES DRUGS the doctor gave to me. Right now i can tell you that few weeks now i have not had any pain,delay in treatment leads to death. call/whatsapp him through his mobile number +2348119007839  Dr Zuma is also capable of curing diseases, infections and viruses like ARTHRITIS, HIV, HERPES etc, or  drzumaherbalhome
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